The Yourotrip project’s aim is to encourage young people to have a voice and engage in democratic procedures, getting involved in decision making around the context of climate change. 

Working with 9 partners across Europe, the project will train Youth workers to support young people to engage with democratic procedures, to work together towards a common purpose, to discuss and decide on action and then how to formulate policy recommendations. 

Through a series of 7 youth mobility exchanges with participants from 8 European countries, youth groups will spend one week taking part in activities and discussions, encouraging cooperation regardless of their country of origin and cultural background and engaging with local young people.

At the end of each exchange these young people will form a local youth council, resulting in the creation of 8 local youth councils, aiming to transfer youth voice, in the form of policy papers, to decision-makers of all levels: local, regional, national and European. 

Local youth councils will be supported by stakeholders through the development of local networks helping them to develop future plans and initiatives with the support of their local communities. At the end of the project, representatives of this new international network of young people will present their policy recommendations to European Institutions in Brussels. The project partners, in cooperation with the youth workers and young people, will develop a joint proposal based on policy recommendations, with a goal of securing funding to expand the international cooperation of the network.

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